20th February 2018

The Role of The Author

1. That people that dream during the day they have goals and ambition to reach their dreams can be dangerous as they may be too ambitious and not think about other people and put them down or ignore them to succeed and reach their dreams. But it can also be good that there are people that do act upon their dreams during the day and succeed and not just be scared that their dreams are not realistic or too ambitious.

2. When Joe says ‘Simon is everything I was not, everything that I would like to have been.’ this gives me the impression          that he is not fully happy with himself and maybe self conscious about himself around other people. But I also get the impression that he is very ambitious from how he has put the quote by T.E. Lawrence about ambition at the beginning of the book. I also see in him that he must be an easy friend to make meaning he is kind and respectful as in the story he has Richard who was a complete stranger and somehow influenced him to help them look after their gear while they are on their expedition. I also get the impression that he is cautious plans whatever he is doing when he says ‘I was just being cautious about avalanches.

3. These lines all tell us that Simon is a kind and caring friend but is able to have a laugh and make jokes. It seems that he also doesn’t take anything too seriously and will just go with the flow so if plans changed he wouldn’t mind too much. These quotes also show that Joe sincerely likes Simon as a friend and can stand a long time with him and have a good time.

4. This shows me that Richard is a very relaxed guy, he doesn’t plan what he is doing and just goes with the flow so if an opportunity comes up he will take it and see where it gets him. I also see that he wants to experience a lot of things so will travel around the world to do it. It is proven how he takes every opportunity as he would have taken the opportunity to go up with Joe and Simon to loo after their gear. I believe that Joe and Simon see him as a trustworthy man as if he were to be able to take all of the opportunities he has he would have to be trustworthy so the people giving him the chances would allow him to do them.

5. Being far from society causes problems as if for example one of them broke an ankle the other two would have to walk the 28-miles carrying him to get to a hospital to allow him to heel and in that time the broken ankle could be causing life-time damage to his ankle. Also if Joe and Simon went missing then Richard would have to walk out on his own and get search and rescue to help but in the time Richard is walking out Joe and Simon could run out of food and starve for example but if they were close to civilisation Richard would’ve been able to get the Search and Rescue faster and might have saved their lives.

6. It helps to psych yourself up as since they are going on a first in the world trip which they know is very risky and dangerous so obviously they are a bit scared. He is also reassuring himself that it is possible and he will be able to do it and come home safely. psyching urself up is when you are scared of something or have a big job in front of you so you prepare yourself, get in the mood, get into the right frame of mind and summon up your courage to then be able to do the task.

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