Foreshadowing creates tension for the reader or viewers in certain situations.


Texts and Movies I will do:

Into Thin Air

Touching The Void

Touching The Void Movie


Into thin Air:

Pg 150 “Neither woman imagined these would be the last conversations they would ever have with Fischer.”

This quote creates tension for the reader as they now realise that Fischer – a leader of a climbing team – does not survive the endeavour. So now the reader is waiting for that moment and anticipating a catastrophic event in the future that causes the death of Fischer, and so all the way up till that moment there will be tension that the reader feels.


PG 170 “But it would end up being one of the many little things – a slow accrual, compounding steadily and imperceptibly towards critical mass.

This foreshadowing quote creates tension for the reader as when it says “critical mass” this says that there is a large critical event that happens and what had been explained around the quote is one small reason for it happening. The event around this quote was Lopsang a sherpa helped a climber get up the mountain but had therefore tired himself out too much so when it came to him tying ropes up above so other climbers could get past he couldn’t do it, this then caused a big delay in time therefore getting up to the summit late causing them to have to go through the storm.

“The Sherpas, however, had a different diagnosis: they believed that one of the climbers on Fischer’s team had angered Everest-Sagarmatha, goddess of the sky-and the deity had taken her revenge on Ngawang.”


Touching the Void

He’s trying to be quick…that’s all. I knew it to be true, but there was still something wrong.’

This quote foreshadows that there is something wrong with Simon lowering Joe down the mountain as Simon is lowering very quickly, but Joe brushes it off as they are in a storm and have to get to the bottom as quickly as they can. But when Joe says “but there is still something wrong” this foreshadows that there might be danger in the future which then creates tension for the reader as they are anticipating the future event of danger that could be massive or very minor but still causing tension for the reader.


A sense of great danger washed over me. I had to stop. I realised Simon would never hear me.

This foreshadowing quote creates tension for the reader as when he says “great danger” this creates tension and also when he says “wash over me” as this says that it is a gut feeling and something of great danger may not actually happening, but the reader does not know if it will happen or not so they are anticipating it making tension for the reader.


I kept staring at him expecting him to fall

This quote foreshadows that Joe will fall down the mountain and die. This quote by Simon is said just after Joe breaks his leg and he is trying to crawl down the mountain. this creates tension for the reader as it makes the reader think that Simon does not want to help Joe meaning there is a higher chance of Joe dying and Simon leaving him, therefore the reader anticipates the moment when this catastrophe happens and Joe dies.


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