1. Joe in chapter five uses many different types of language to draw the reader into what he was experiencing in the text. One of the techniques is imagery this is shown when he says ‘It wasn’t just broken, It was ruptured, twisted, crushed.’ these word help to put an image in our minds of how badly broken and destroyed his leg was after the fall. This then helps    us to know the pain and suffering he is going through and even more for people that have had a broken leg for example as they will know the pain he is feeling in his leg. Another technique used by Joe is minor sentences this then shows that there is a lot of tension and in a rush as he feels that he is about to die as he cannot climb anymore this is shown when he says ‘I’ve broken my leg, that’s it. I’m dead.’ Joe also uses emotive language to create tension in this section of the text. Some of the words he uses is tears, exploded and pain. Tears makes me feel very sad or flustered as if I’m crying making me feel how he feels now that he knows that he may not live for much longer. Exploded to me makes me feel discombobulated and out of control which is some of the emotions that Joe is going through at this time in the text, and pain makes me feel very discomforted a bit miserable as I relate it back to times when I was in pain and feel the emotions at the time which is related to the feelings Joe is going through.

2. a) Joe Includes Simons perspective as It helps the reader understand more thoroughly what the two of them are experiencing from the horrible situation they are in and inform them the emotions and what Simon is thinking. and example of what Simon is thinking and the relationship between the two climbers when he says in the text ‘I couldn’t help him, and it occurred to me that in all likely hood he would fall to his death, I wasn’t disturbed by the thought. In a way I hoped he would fall.’ This quotation implies that Simon now thinks very little of Joe as if he is no longer human and he will just get in the way now and cause their chance of survival to lower. The quote also implies that Simon would choose his life over Joe, his friend, showing that their relationship has changed dramatically from partners to Joe needing Simon for any chance of survival.

b) When Simon says ‘I kept staring at him expecting him to fall’ this foreshadows that something bad later on will happen as it put an image in our mind that Joe will fall making the reader anticipate it. The quote also shows to us that Simon would not mind that much if Joe fell as now he is a liability and also if they got into a tricky situation Simon would let Joe die for him to get home safely. Showing that Simon would let Joe die if it risked his own life.

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  1. Ben, well done for accurately identifying language techniques that were used in this section of the text. It would be great to see some expansion in your responses in places. I.e. When you discuss imagery: “‘It wasn’t just broken, It was ruptured, twisted, crushed.’ these words help to put an image in our minds of how badly broken and destroyed his leg was after the fall.” Explain the atmosphere/feelings around the words. What does the reader anticipate will happen now/next from this word choice?

    Also, when you are discussing minor sentences, specifically explain the effect of minor sentences in this section of the text. I.e. What is Joe feeling? Why does he say these words? How has his relationship with Simon changed?

    Great, specific analysis of the effect of emotive words! Well done 🙂


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