1. The author does not explain the technical jargon because firstly the target audience. The target audience is who the author plans to sell most of the books, so how old they are, what their profession is, what gender, what hobbies they have etc. Touching the Void by Joe Simpson is mainly targeted at mountaineers […]

1. Joe and Simon seem to be like a well oiled team, that they work well together and don’t talk a lot they just know what each others going to do or about to do. ‘I appreciated his caution, for I would be swept away it suddenly parted company with the wall.’ This proves that […]

1. That people that dream during the day they have goals and ambition to reach their dreams can be dangerous as they may be too ambitious and not think about other people and put them down or ignore them to succeed and reach their dreams. But it can also be good that there are people that do […]

Images – What Images have been presented in the text? and How do these images affect our understanding of the events, the setting, and the people? When the narrator says ‘Indeed the only remaining evidence of my ordeal was the sight of my blackened fingertips.’ I image a man cuddled up cold and freezing with frostbite on his fingertips […]