Techniques Symbolism: Mountain, Rope, Voice, Light. Narrative Voice: 1st person, narration of Joe and Simon. Figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole. Imagery: The combination of descriptive language and techniques for certain effects. Conflict (tension filled moments): created through word choice, syntax and foreshadowing. Syntax (sentence structures): Different types have different effects. Climax: syntax, word choice, […]

Possible Texts: Touching the Void, Into Thin Air, Beyond the Edge, Blindsight, 127 hours, The Mountain Between us, Possible Connections: Self Sacrifice for Saving Others, Setting: Mountains,   Connection: Foreshadowing creates tension for the reader or viewers in certain situations.     Texts and Movies I will do: Into Thin Air Touching The Void […]

Draft: Intro – Imagine having 100 Billion dollars … you could do anything. Well Bill Gates an entrepreneur billionaire has that much money and I am here to inform you about the struggles he has been through and what he has chosen to do with it. Bill Gates is 62-years-old born in 1955, from Washington, […] PART 1: Ideas and Planning Bill Gates: entrepreneur that created microsoft and now is one of the richest people in the world.   Bill Gates Intro- Who he is ? Why I chose him Label 3 main points.   Body- 3 paragraphs on the 3 main points   Conclusion- Summarise 3 main […]

1. Describe a place or time where a main character felt very comfortable or uncomfortable in the written text. Explain how techniques helped you to understand the character’s reaction(s). Note: Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word choice, style, symbolism, structure, or narrative point of view. Simon going to sleep after cutting the rope that […]

1. In chapter 9 of “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson symbolism is used effectively to show outer meanings of certain objects or thoughts. In this chapter one of the symbols he uses is ‘light’. In real life light means a object that allows you to see or stimulates sight, and in this chapter it also […]

1. “I stared at the mountain rising over me. Empty. It was a pointless thing to have done – climb up it, across it, and down it. Stupid! It looked perfect; so clean and untouched, and we had changed nothing, It was beautiful, immaculate, but it left me empty. I had been on it too long, […]

1. Contrast is used in chapter 7 of the text “Touching The Void” by Joe Simpson to show what Joe is going through and his emotions and feelings towards it. The contrast of what Joe is thinking while in the crevasse shows his emotions as his mood swings a lot from thinking he could survive […]

State your point/topic e.g. Simons narration is significant in “Disaster- Chapter 5” Expand with relevant background detail e.g. Simons narration is told through Joe’s perspective, however Simon validated Joes account as “fair and correct”. Simons “voice” reveals that he resented Joe’s injury and that he felt Justified in distancing himself from Joe. Examples (specific) e.g. The text […]

1. Some of the problems Simon and Joe faced when Simon was lowering Joe down the mountain included, the weather was becoming bad causing the temperature to lower making their frostbitten fingers worse, shown in the quote ‘The rising wind and continuous spindrift avalanches drowned out all communications’. A problem Joe was facing was the pain […]